For NCV members, please go to Fee Waivers.

Fee Schedule

The follwing fees are posted for information purpose only. Please contact the Bioinformatics Core ( to get a price estimation for your project.
Basic Rate Internal* External Academic Commercial
Hourly Labor                                $50.25 $80.38 $231.00

NGS Analysis Flat Rates (Illumina Hi-Seq, MiSeq)
Covers basic secondary analysis for certain activities. Additional analysis charged at hourly rate. Internal* External Academic Commercial
Level 1 pipeline
One lane (< 1X50 bp, 1X75bp)
$648.60 $1072.90 $2394.40
Level 2 pipeline
One lane (100-200bp: 1X100 bp, 2X50bp)
$784.12 $1176.18 $2936.48
Level 3 pipeline
One lane (2X75 bp, 2X100bp)
$1009.64 $1479.46 $3478.56
Multiplexing Charge
per index (barcode)
$25.00 $35.00 $100.00

* Internal charge rates apply to investigators from all NCV members. Internal rates are significantly reduced due to the support from COBRE and NCV. Please remember to acknowledge this in any publications resulting from Core support.

Fee Waivers
Both NCV and COBRE have fee waiver program which can be used to further defry the cost of Core usage. Waivers are granted to researchers currently funded by COBRE or NCV members, as well as on a case-by-case basis to other researchers. Additional information and fee waivers application are available opon request.