The NCV Bioinformatics Core is currently funded by the COBRE. Thus, we are able to provide the following services and consultation for a reduced charge to researchers in the IDeA network and NCV. Researchers who are preparing grant proposals may also contact us for a description of our facilities and services.

However, for grant proposals in which bioinformatics will be an integrated component, we would suggest that you consider collaborative research. In these cases, we will be glad to participate in proposal preparation, and specialized persons may be assigned to work on the project (if funded).

Available Services

- We provide assistance with installation and maintenance of various bioinformatics software packages.

- We provide services in sequence raw data processing, assembly and preliminary annotation.

- We can assist you in sequence analysis, including BLAST search, protein domain analysis, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis, and other common sequence-based methods.

- We provide assistance in microarray data normalization, transformation and basic statistical tests using the GeneSpring software package.

- We provide consultation on biological data acquisition and database design.

- Statistic analysis and figure plot assistance.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis

The Advent of NGS platforms have opened exciting new avenues to life science researchers. Unfortunately, many researchers find themselves ineffective to handle the volume and nature of the resulting data, hindering their ability to capitalize on these new technologies.

The core has produced a series of analysis pipelines for common NGS data types to assist researchers. Additional pipelines are also under development.
  • RNA-Seq
  • microRNA
  • De novo assembly
  • Rare Drug-resistance variant detection
  • Gut microbiome (16S rDNA)
  • Metagenome
  • Reference mapping
  • SNP/InDel
  • Copy number variation

Data and Web services

Researchers increasingly need custom websites and databases to organize and disseminate their data. The core can work with you to develop solutions to meet these needs.

Custom Analysis

Not all applications can be covered by existing analysis tools or pipelines. We are happy to work with you to design and develop new algorithms, implemente new software, and customize pipelines.